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What We Do

Organized For Productivity was founded on the belief that improving the personal productivity of business owners, executives and high performers can directly correspond to improved efficiency, productivity and profitability for the companies they own and work for and at the same time improve the lives of the individuals.

We offer

  • One-on-one Customized Productivity Consulting
  • Group Productivity Training
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Employee Incentive Programs

Organization is the platform that productivity rests on. We provide customized organizing solutions and productivity training to create an environment that reduces stress and allows creativity, productivity and profitability to soar.

Don’t let another stress filled day keep you from achieving your business goals. Your life is the sum of how you spend your days; make them productive and profitable!

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Organized For Productivity is here to help you gain control over your time and your tasks.

How would you like to walk into your office and feel a sense of calm, knowing that your projects are prioritized and that your day will be productive and profitable?

We will show you how to Identify, Prioritize and Take Action and transform from busy and stressed to purposeful and productive?

We offer FREE consultations so contact us today and we will show you how to Identify, Prioritize and Take Action!

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Latest Blog Post

Get rid of piles…for good!

Posted on October 9, 2013 by Dhawn Hansen

Stop P-I-L-I-N-G!

Stop P-I-L-I-N-G!

Quite simply put, piles are the result of either delayed decisions or delayed actions! If you want to avoid pile build up of papers, tasks, emails, etc then start making decisions on how to handle the information the first time you come across it. How many times have you looked through your mail whether paper or electronic only to just take a look and then leave the pile for another time? Problem is the pile will grow as you repeat this process every day until you feel a sense of overwhelm. Making decisions and taking action based on those decisions will give you a sense of control and alleviate those annoying piles!

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